Antique Furniture Refinishing in NJ

Antique Furniture Refinishing in NJ

If you need antique furniture refinishing in NJ, you have come to the right place. Brown’s Carpet and Upholstery employs highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who can bring your antique furnitures back to life.

Antique furniture refinishing is a comprehensive process that includes something as simple as cleaning, to as complex as repairing and re-carving. We make sure that every step of the long process is carried out meticulously and without any error.

Why Refinish Antique Furniture?

When it comes to antique furniture, to refinish or not to refinish, that is the question. You might have heard that refinishing antique furniture diminishes its value. But unless your furniture was made by a famous master craftsman (check for labels) or has a rare hand painted finishing, that is not the case.

Most old furnitures have been through years of use and abuse. Repairing scratches, fixing dents and giving it a new coat of paint and polish brings it back to life. Well-executed refinishing actually adds value to the furniture. And of course, it allows you to enjoy your old grandma’s furniture for many more years to come.

Our Antique Furniture Refinishing Process

When you bring us your antique furnitures, we will immediately start working on them. We will first check for scratches, burns, watermarks or any other kind of damage. Once we evaluate the damage, we will start repairing them in a way that does not affect the integrity of the piece.

We will then adjust the furniture for proper functioning. After that, we will restore the original design, carvings and inlays of the furniture. Finally, we give it some paint and polish. And voila! Your antique furniture is as good as new.

Brown’s for Antique Furniture Refinishing in NJ

Remember us for the finest antique furniture refinishing service in NJ. Our workers have the knowledge and experience to restore your antique furniture. It would be our pleasure to serve you and help preserve the memories of stored in your antique furniture

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