7 Reasons to Use Green Cleaning Products


Cleanliness is very important for health reasons. But sometimes, the artificial chemicals in the cleaners we use cause a lot of harm to our health. Using Green cleaning products not only protects our health, they also save the environment. There are several reasons you should use green cleaning products. Here are seven of them.


  • Clean Air to Breathe

You may have noticed, chemical cleaning products often leave behind obnoxious fumes and smells. These fumes not only smell bad, they are also bad for your health. The chemicals that don’t smell bad are scented artificially. The harmful fumes are still there. The only difference is that their smell is masked by artificial scents. With green products, you can breathe in the clean air without worrying about any harmful effects.

  • Safe for Kids

Unlike toxic chemical products, green products are completely safe for kids. Children, especially small ones, pick things up from anywhere and eat them. Switching to green products can save kids from accidental poisoning.

  • Low Health Risks for everyone

Green cleaning products are safe for everyone. Chemicals present in chemical cleaners affect all of us. They get in our food or get absorbed through skin. While they may not have immediate effect, they increase our chances of diseases like cancer. Green products on the other hand, pose no such risks.

  • Prevent Poisoning of Natural Water Supply

Once we clean our houses using chemicals, they wash away through drains or through the ground to natural water sources. They pollute our water sources. This water then gets filtered and finds its way back to our taps and we then consumed polluted water. This cycle affects everyone – the nature, aquatic life and us. Green products protect us all from this harm.

  • DIY

With green cleaning, most of the ingredients, such as baking soda and vinegar, can be found at home. You get to dabble with DIY projects and make your own products. It is also easy to customize the products according to your needs or preferences.

  • Save money

Many of the eco friendly cleaning products do multiple jobs. You can buy one product instead of five and save a lot of money. Also, if you DIY and make your own products, it can save you even more money and add greenery to your pockets as well.

  • Save the environment

Ultimately, your little effort to go green can contribute to protecting our earth. Avoid products with ingredients that harm the nature and preserve what little resources we have from pollution and damage. Do this so that we will still have resources to use in the future.

So will you go green the next time you clean?




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