Drapery Ideas to Style Your Home


Draperies do more than just block out the sunlight. These can transform your entire room, give a new appearance and a wonderful feeling. With suitable curtains and blinds, you can completely change your feeling and the atmosphere of the room too.

To give a unique and stylish look to your room, I have come up with different drapery ideas that can swap your dull, boring room into fullness of life room!

Elegant Look:

Elegance comes with style and simplicity. So if you are thinking of drapery that would give grace to your room, then you must go for royal curtain materials such as velvet or silk. These types of curtains treat your room with pure luxury and beautify its interior decoration. These simply give you dramatic and contemporary feeling aura in entire home.


Energizing Look:

For your room’s energizing personality, the best option is to install floral draperies. Typically, a floral design portrays unique and aesthetically pleasing pattern. Most popular designs consist of vertical or horizontal patterns interlinked with floral arrangements or a single flower. As a result, these types of curtains are much better than those of the boring ones. They are truly too good for spring seasons when your doors are filled with colors and the fragrance of flowers.


Smooth and Glossy Look:

If you want your room to have a well-groomed character, then go for the draperies that have tabs or large grommets. Wooden blinds give your room a natural look with a graceful charm. The greatest advantage is that it looks beautiful from both inside and outside the window and are good insulators from heat and cold. What else do you need in a blind that posses warmth, versatility and durability, all in one?


Classic Look:

If drapery isn’t the right thing for you, then choose Roman shades, as they give you a soft classic look to your interior. These come with soft, clean, simple line of classic window shades. You can choose the color, pattern and texture of the fabric that reflects your style. These shades also provide a superior range of light control options depending upon the material you choose.

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