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Furniture Refinishing New Jersey

Need furniture refinishing in New Jersey? You have come to the right place. Brown’s Carpet and Upholstery is a premier company providing furniture refinishing services in NJ. We employ a team of qualified and experienced professionals who use scientific methods and environment friendly procedures while refinishing and restoring your old furniture.

Our Special Furniture Refinishing Services in New Jersey:

Why should you consider Furniture Refinishing?

It is a sad truth that any furniture, no matter how much we love it, will have a limited lifespan. Furniture refinishing or restoration is a process by which you can extend that lifespan and enjoy your beloved furniture for several more years.

Furniture restoration includes repairing any damage to the surface, adjusting the furniture for better functionality, restoring previous designs, carvings, inlay and marqueterie, and finally repainting or re-polishing the furniture.

Here are some reasons why you should consider refinishing your furniture:

  • It repairs any current damage in valuable old furniture and protects it from further damage.
  • It gives a new look to old furniture. You can easily refinish old furniture to match your new décor.
  • It is more economic than buying new furniture.
  • Some furnitures have precious memories attached to them and selling or throwing them away is not an option.
  • It is more eco friendly to restore old furniture than to buy a new one.

Finest Furniture Refinishing Service in New Jersey

Remember us for the finest furniture refinishing services in New Jersey. Brown’s Carpet utilizes an experienced and qualified team of professionals to handle your old furniture. We work with full dedication to repair and refinish your furniture and restore it to its original state.

Dial (609) 737-3773 or (609) 954-5190 or contact us online for more information about our services, or to book our services.

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